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Dig It! As New Plots Open Up,
The Growing Together "Adopt-A-Lot"
Community Gardening Program Wants You!

Make it Yours, Jersey City Adopt-A-Lot: Community Garden Program is here for residents to start growing a community garden in your neighborhood. If you’re looking for a way to improve your local neighborhood, why not consider starting an urban garden in an unused City-owned lot. The City is looking for community minded individuals to adopt one of over 100 available lots and transform them to an urban oasis.

The Jersey City Department of Health and Human Services, which administers Adopt-A-Lot: Community Gardens Program, will provide assistance to aspiring community gardeners with material resources and educational support. Community gardening is not new to Jersey City, at least a dozen well-established community gardens have thrived in Jersey City for years, maintained by hundreds of volunteer residents.

  1. Lots may be used for community gardening and recreational activities.
  2. Over 100 lots available in Jersey City. View or download addition list here  
  3. The lease is for one (1) year, granted to Lessees for $1.
  4. Applicants must be a registered or associate with a non profit as part of the application process.  Application for Adopt A Lot.  
  5. Click here to view the Adopt-A-Lot Ordinance 

Review the information below to get a better understanding of the process

Adopt-A-Lot Process

Step 1. Complete and submit application with written request to Department of Public Works with a copy to the Department of Health& Human Services. Including documentation of Non Profit Corporation Status.

Step 2. Completed applications will be approved by the Municipal Council.

Step 3. Once approved, applicants will be sent four (4) original License Agreements to be completed and returned to the Department of Health & Human Services.

Step 4. Properly completed License Agreements will be forwarded to the Business Administrator (BA) to be executed. The License shall be valid for one (1) year from the day License is executed by the BA.

Step 5. After receiving the Tenant copy of the executed License, the lessee/applicant must notify HHS to proceed with a site inspection with HHS representative and Lessee. The site inspection will locate and mitigate any hazardous conditions. If a dangerous condition exists that cannot be remedied at a reasonable cost to the City, the License may be revoked. 

If you have further questions regarding Adopt-A-Lot: Community Gardening Program, contact 201-547-6800.

NOTE: All Adopt-A-Lot Licenses will be issued after the application for a lot for a community garden is approved.

Read about Jersey City's first master gardener and seeds man, the legendary Peter Henderson, original landscaper of Van Vorst and Hamilton Parks.



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